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Final image

Sketchnote: Data Repository with HDFS and HBase


During the second attempt at note taking, I was more focused on capturing the main themes. The end result depends less on text and the illustrations get a bit more breathing room. There is definitely a better use of whitespace.


  • The handwriting could be better…
  • The title is rather uninteresting.


During this attempt I was still messing with finding the best way to clean up the raw scan. Ink bled through the pages and differences in height gave an unevenly lit scan. Eventually I settled for the Threshold tool for this and all the following sketchnotes.

Post processing consisted of the following steps:

  • Straighten and crop the scanned image;
  • Apply Threshold to reduce the number of colors and clean up the scan;
  • Perform some basic clean-up with the Heal and Clone tools;
  • Similar to the previous attempt: thicken the lines by using a small amount of Despeckle and Gaussian blur;
  • Add Red and Gray accents on a new Darken only layer.

Adding the gray accents definitely boosts the character of the end result. Cleaning the image could have been done better, but overall I learned a lot.

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