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Final image

Sketchnote: Data Repository with Sqoop


This time around the amount of text may be a bit on the low end of the scale, but overall I’m happy with the result. Lessons learned:

  • I like the amount of space that the individual elements get;
  • The position of the top illustration on the second page distracts from the title. Next time it should be placed lower on the page;
  • My handwriting still needs more attention and there is little variation in the use of type;
  • I ran out of material before the end of the second page…


The post-processing technique is quite similar to the previous attempt:

  • Crop the scanned image (no straightening required this time! :-) );
  • Apply the Threshold tool (values: 140, 255);
  • Apply a Gaussian Blur (2.0 x 2.0);
  • Clean up the image with the Pencil tool;
  • Add grey and colour accents on a new layer with the Brush tool.

This time around I didn’t use an Unsharpen mask before Threshold. As a result the lines are a bit too fine for my taste (yeah, hindsight…).

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