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Final image

Sketchnote: Data Factory with Pig


For me, the thing that stands out in this sketchnote is the snout of the piggy bank. I couldn’t get it right the first time, but left the mistake for posterity. So now it looks like a dirty piggy :-) .

Lessons learned:

  • Again there was more experimentation with type. I particularly like the quick but interesting doubling of vertical lines in the word “Custom” on the second page;
  • I partially fixed it in post, but too much white space on the second page gives a sense of incoherence.


The post processing is familiar by now:

  • Straighten & Crop the scanned image;
  • Apply an Unsharpen mask and Threshold to clean the bulk of the image;
  • Clean borders and small imperfections with the Pencil tool;
  • Apply a g Gaussian blur (2.0 x 2.0);
  • Add grey & colour accents with a Brush (Size: 50). Of course this should be pink :-) . I reduced the opacity of the colour layer a bit to get the right effect.

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