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Final image

Sketchnote: Data factory with Oozie and Hue part 1

Sketchnote: Data factory with Oozie and Hue part 2


It’s easy to see what happened: I went over 2 pages. Maybe I should get myself an A4 hardback notebook for future experiments. Nevertheless, I like the final result. It’s visually interesting and if you compare it to the first few attempts, there’s a world of difference.

Lessons learned:

  • Call-outs are a quick and easy way to add interest to an item;
  • The number of illustrations are a bit low. Creating a visual library would probably improve the response time between an idea and the final image.


Post processing is starting to become a second nature:

  • Crop & straighten the scanned image;
  • Apply an Unsharpen mask (radius: 50, amount: 0.5);
  • Apply a Threshold;
  • Clean up the image;
  • Apply a Gaussian blur (3x3);
  • Add grey and colour accents.

When it’s scaled down for the web the 3x3 Gaussian blur isn’t that obvious. However, these days I feel it’s a bit too much and the final result is a bit too blurry at 100%.

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